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Our specialist underfloor heating engineers have over 15 years experience.

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Our specialist underfloor heating engineers have over 15 years experience. Our engineers can service, maintain and install underfloor heating. We offer both water and electrical underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is highly recommend by our engineers as it will heat up a whole room within minutes, as a radiator only heats a small area of the room and will take a while to warm the area up. Underfloor heating evenly distributes the heat around the whole room and dust will not be circulated around the whole room. Both water and electrical underfloor heating systems are likely to reduce your bills, depending on what system you are using. Our specialist engineers, will recommend which underfloor heating system is the best for you during your free estimate.

If you are unsure if underfloor heating can be used with a variety range of floor coverings:

  • Laminate
  • Carpet
  • Engineered Wood
  • Tiles
  • Stone

Electrical Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating are often known as a dry systems as they uses electric heating matts to warm the floor up. The electric underfloor heating system works separately from the central heating system which is in your home. Electric underfloor heating systems are usually used in small and oddly shaped rooms. The wires or matts are very thin and you will not see an uneven surface. The specialist will use heating mats underneath the floor, they are normally placed on top of a layer of insulation and screed will be on top. If you are thinking about having electrical underfloor heating in your bathroom, our underfloor heating specialist would recommend you to have a earth grid matt.

Water Underfloor Heating

Water underfloor heating is often known as a wet system. The Energy Saving Trust have said that Water underfloor heating is more energy efficient than radiators. A wet system pumps warm water through plastic pipes that are under the floor, they are usually connected to the main central heating source. The engineer will connect your boiler to the underfloor heating, this is usually dispersed by a stainless steel manifold. The manifold is the most important part of the underfloor heating as it controls the flow, temperature and directions of the water. A wet system is often recommend by our specialists in larger areas. The pipes which are installed are embedded into a screed, which will allow the floor to slowly heat up. Once the floor is heated up, the air above becomes warmer. The floor tends to heat up between 25°C-39°C, within a few hours. The specialist will also install a thermostat in the room to ensure that you can control what temperature you would like.

Thermal Imaging

We also offer a thermal imaging survey, this allows our engineers to detect if there is any pipes or heat matts which are not working to the sufficient standard if your underfloor heating is not working. The specialist will use a camera, whilst the underfloor heating is on to detect any issues. Once the engineer has diagnosed any issues, they will resolve the underfloor heating and ensure it is working in no time!

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