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1st Class Service

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Worcester Bosch Boiler Repair & Service

As the winter period creeps in, it becomes that time of the year when everyone wants to service their boiler before it breaks down and you end up with no hot water or heating. If disaster strikes, you will require an accredited engineer to repair any damages as soon as possible.

At VHL we assist with all Worcester boiler repairs and central heating systems. Our service is committed to the ever-changing progression of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The safety and well-being of our customers and colleagues is our priority. No matter if you require boiler servicing, installations, or repairs, we provide 24-hour call out for residential & commercial properties across London.

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What Is A Worcester Bosch Boiler?

Bosch boilers are the best and most used in the UK. Most plumbers will recommend one because they are renowned for their efficiency and reliability.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Services

We can provide many services for you and your boiler, including;

Boiler Repairs – If your heating system or hot water lets you down, contact our team of experts. Our boiler engineers repair any gas or oil boiler and provide fast efficient service.

Boiler Installations – As the leading providers of plumbing, heating and electrical services in the London area, we install all Bosch boilers and the central heating system making sure you have hot water and a warm home. Every installation we carry out comes with a two to five year guarantee on parts and labour.

Boiler Servicing – For the safety and longevity of your boiler, you will need to service it once a year to run at the tip-top condition and prevent any problems from occurring.

What Are The Common Issues With A Worcester Bosch Boiler?

Over time a Bosch boiler may begin to have a few problems if not serviced regularly and properly.

The boiler pressure may gradually decrease. That could potentially cause damage to the system. All Bosch boilers have a lockout system that prevents it from working when the pressure gets too low.

Potential water leaks may occur. An internal part may have caused this and need repairing immediately. When you suspect a leak, the best thing to do is turn the water supply off and contact a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Loud noises coming from the central heating system can become apparent if there is a build-up of limescale and sludge. When this happens, you will need to call a boiler engineer to perform a power flush to flush out any debris.

If the boiler has stopped and is displaying a fault code (EA227). There are several reasons why this can happen, and the boiler will shut-off to prevent further damage. A boiler breakdown engineer will need to fix these issues before it can work again.

For any other codes displayed on the Worcester Bosch boiler or occurring issues, please do not try to fix them yourself. For your safety, you should contact a UK gas safe heating engineer.

The Worcester Bosch Boiler Range

Ideal for a range of properties including large homes and commercial buildings such as offices and flats, the Worcester Bosch GB162 boiler is a versatile, wall-hung model that can help to provide the best possible efficiency and comfort throughout the property.

When it comes to your household boiler, you want something that is easy to use when you need it, something that keeps energy bills down and that performs to a high standard. That’s exactly what you get from the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 27Ri and the Greenstar 30Ri boilers.

Producing the highest central heating output of the wall-hung Greenstar boiler collection, the CDi Classic Regular boilers can store and distribute hot water to where it’s needed in no time at all.

The sleek and compact Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor Utility boiler range can fit neatly inside a standard kitchen cupboard so that it doesn’t affect space – or your interior design.

The Greenstar FS CDi Regular boiler range from Worcester Bosch, however, has been designed to withstand cooler temperatures wherever you choose to install it.

The Greenstar Si Compact collection has been designed for homes where space is at a premium and where a boiler is required to heat just one bathroom.

The Greenstar CDi Classic System boiler has a range of attractive features for home owners including a clear display and all-important frost protection that would enable the boiler to be mounted in colder rooms such as the garage or loft if required.

Designed to be installed outside of the house, the Greenstar Heatslave II External is contained inside a weatherproof cabinet, protecting the boiler and all of the essential parts from the elements all year round.

The Greenstar CDi Compact range has taken the performance and quality from the original collection, and adapted it to suit a range of smaller properties, whilst not compromising on either quality or performance.

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II boiler collection are built to cope with the demands of all small, medium and large sized properties including those with two or more bathrooms that all require a hot water supply.

The Greenstar Danesmoor System Utility boiler from Worcester Bosch takes up only a small amount of space which is great from an owner’s perspective, and the concealed boiler controls ensure that children can’t find and adjust the settings.

The low energy pump used in the Greenstar i System collection helps to ensure that costs are low from an owner’s perspective, while the innovative construction helps to link the boiler with Greenskies solar panels to save money and energy.

While some will worry about installing a boiler outside, the Greenstar Danesmoor External range is stored within a powder-coated container that is fully weatherproof making it usable the whole year round.

The Greenstar I System 27kW and 30kW utilise a low energy pump to bring the cost of energy down across the home, and can be used along with Greenskies solar panel for all-round energy and cost savings.

The boiler itself is installed and contained within a waterproof, powder-coated cabinet that means your boiler can remain outdoors 365-days a year without being affected by whatever the weather has in store. It also comes fitted with a control panel, meaning that the temperature can be adjusted for improved heating and economy.

With no need for separate pump or loft tank, and its sleek design, the Greenstar Danesmoor System boiler is growing in popularity with all homeowners. Its compatibility with a range of solar panels and hot water cylinders is also an attractive option, as is the optional 7-day programme that allows for changes to the heating output for greater comfort and energy efficiency.

Thanks to its relatively small and compact size, the Greenstar Danesmoor Regular boiler can fit neatly inside any kitchen or utility room cupboard without affecting the styling of the room or compromising space too dramatically.

Thanks to its relatively small and compact size, the Greenstar Danesmoor Regular boiler can fit neatly inside any kitchen or utility room cupboard without affecting the styling of the room or compromising space too dramatically.

Providing homes with instant hot water when you need it the most, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Si range includes a low energy pump that reduces your electrical usage and helps to bring down your monthly fuel bills across the home.

Suitable for homes with two or more bathrooms and small commercial buildings, this particular boiler is ideal for utility or boiler room installations if available to avoid taking up vital space.

How To Know When You Need A Boiler Service

If you notice your Worcester bosch boiler has leaks or strange sounds within the pipework and heating system in your home, you should call us as soon as possible.

One of our friendly qualified heating engineers will visit your home and provide maintenance solutions and a boiler repair quote to repair any boiler damages.

Here is a list of potential problems that will need a boiler service repair:

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Find Worcester Boiler Gas Safe Registered Engineers Today

Whether you want a new boiler or need Worcester Bosch boiler repair, you will need a gas safe registered engineer. They have approved Worcester Bosch boiler installers and will guarantee that the unit is running safely and efficiently.

VHL has accredited installers of all domestic and commercial Worcester Bosch boilers. With a large team of over 50 gas safe accredited engineers available 24/7 in the London area to offer fitting and repairs on all Worcester Bosch units. Their service also offers a two to five-year parts and labour guarantee on every installation.

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