What To Expect From An Emergency Plumber

Whether you have just moved into a brand new home or you have lived at your current residence for years, there will probably be or have been a time where you needed the services of an emergency plumber.

Plumbing emergencies are at best very inconvenient and at worst destructive, dangerous and expensive. It is important that you have a contact number for a reliable, certified emergency plumber and it is equally important that you are certain of their authenticity.


Map, locating VHL plumbing engineersIf your chosen plumber doesn’t operate a 24-hour call out service then you’ve fallen at the first hurdle!

A lot of plumbers do offer this round the clock service, but always make sure, otherwise you could be left in serious trouble should disaster strike in the middle of the night. Finding a plumber who is located close by who offers a 24 hour service is ideal, as this means they can be with you quickly to rectify any problems that may occur.

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VHL Gas Safe Register engineersThis is a vital factor in choosing any plumber, emergency or otherwise. If you have a gas supply in your home, you must hire an engineer who is Gas Safe Registered.

The Gas Safe list contains all plumbers who are legally able to work on gas appliances. When checking for other accreditations and qualifications, ensure you see them before hiring, don’t just take their word for it.


Google search result for plumbing company reviewsIt is ideal to use a plumber with a considerable amount of experience in dealing with emergencies, this way you can be more confident that your problem will be resolved. Look for recommendations, whether you get them from the internet or from word of mouth, and go with the plumber you feel like you can trust.

Experience is extremely valuable as no two emergencies are the same, so if your plumber has dealt with a wide array of these situations before, you can enjoy total confidence in their abilities.


References from people who have used emergency plumbers in the past can be very helpful.

Once you’ve got references from people you know, then try some online review sites to corroborate those recommendations to ensure they haven’t received any negative feedback.


Here at VHL, we understand that anyone can fall victim to a plumbing emergency at any time. Our 24/7, year round emergency service is perfect for these situations, and our fully registered and accredited expert plumbers can be on site quickly when you need them the most. 

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