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The ecoTEC range of combination and system boilers from Vaillant are among the most technologically advanced available today. Having invested hundreds of hours into research and development, Vaillant are now a serious player in the boiler industry offering high quality performance along with efficiency and cost-effective solutions to customers.

In terms of system boilers, the ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627 system boiler is a standout performer in traditional family homes with one or two bathrooms. This highly efficient system boiler is made from the very best components that ensure that your Vaillant boiler can run at peak performance for longer than ever before, generating the hot water and central heating when you need it.

The sleek and stylish design of the Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627 system boiler means that it can fit seamlessly into any area of your home. With space at a premium in many households, it’s vital that your boiler can go neatly inside a cupboard, utility room or garage without occupying your valuable space.

This wonderfully designed system boiler is ideal for any of these positions meaning you’re no longer restricted to large areas where the boiler affects the styling of your home.

The Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627: Facts & Figures

Having invested so much time and effort into the styling and technological advancements of the ecoTEC range, Vaillant have adapted this particular model from its two combination-style siblings.

The ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627 is a system boiler that is popular in its own right, and even when it comes to the end of its lifespan it is made from 85% recyclable materials so it’s just as green when it’s no longer in use.

To help you to decide whether or not the ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627 system boiler is for you we’ve compiled a handy guide below.


Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627

DIMENSIONS (mm): 720 x 440 x 338

  • Extra-condense heat exchanger
  • Various extended warranties available
  • 85% recyclable at the end of its lifespan

VHL and Vaillant Boilers

Quality, safety, performance and efficiency are all vital when it comes to choosing a new boiler for your home. That’s what makes the partnership between VHL and Vaillant boilers so perfect. We ensure that every Vaillant boiler is installed by a trained, experienced engineer who knows how to install, repair and maintain all boilers including the Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627 system boiler.

We offer extended warranties on all Vaillant boilers, parts and labour; along with a 24/7 emergency service should anything go wrong with your product or any of the parts. To find out more about our range of Vaillant boilers and products, give VHL a call today.

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