Upgrading Your Heating – Benefits of Adding a Thermostat

There have been huge advancements in household technology in recent years, many of which are geared towards increasing efficiency while decreasing the amount of human input necessary.

It may seem a strange time to bring up the idea of central heating upgrades, but we recently discussed that there are benefits to having boiler/heating work in the Spring / Summer months.


Thermostats are one of the latest appliances to undergo a revamp; programmable thermostats reduce the need to constantly change the heat settings in your home by operating on a scheduled system.

Ease of Use

With improvements in technology across the board, thermostats in short are now a lot more user friendly.

One of the main features of the new generation of thermostats is the ability to schedule your heating to operate how you want it to, when you want it to.

That might be by an easy to use touch screen model. It could even be controlled by a smartphone app.


Plus, thanks to the internet, there’s always going to be a tutorial on Youtube or forum group somewhere providing the help you need for your specific model!

Reduce Costs

When using a traditional thermostat, energy costs can rise, particularly in colder months. For example, if you are particularly cold and you turn up the heating, more energy is expended by your system to increase the temperature, which can result in an increase in your heating bills.

However, with newer technology, you can programme the heating to come on an hour before you get home, for example, which eliminates the need for you to change the temperature and helps keep your energy bills down.

Total Control

By installing a programmable thermostat, you no longer have to worry about remembering to turn the heating on or off or up or down again.

Few User Examples

You can set the system to work around your schedule:

  • If you would like a bit of extra warmth when you get up in the morning, set the thermostat to turn the heating up for an hour or two during the early morning (e.g. 6am)
  • When you’re going to be sitting watching TV in the evening, again, it may make sense for a period of heating (e.g. 8pm – 10pm)
  • If you shower later at the weekend, heating your radiators (and indirectly your towels) means a gentler start to your Sunday morning (e.g. 10.30am).
  • If you don’t want any unnecessary heating, set the thermostat to turn the heating down while the house is empty and then increase the temperature before you get home from work or the children get home from school.

Here at VHL, we are dedicated to providing the best quality service to all our customers at excellent prices. Our fully accredited expert engineers are able to install, maintain and repair central heating systems to the highest standard, with each boiler we install coming with a 10 year warranty.

The onset of central heating technology (which we covered recently on the blog) means that many systems are becoming outdated, so if you are considering an upgrade to your central heating system, get in touch with the experts at VHL today and see what we can do for you.

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