TR19 Regulations

Understanding and implementing TR19 regulations is
vital for maintaining health and safety at work

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Understanding TR19 ductwork specifications

It is very important for health and safety reasons that ductwork, extraction and ventilation systems are cleaned properly and effectively. In order to measure this, cleaning standards must be met by the Building Engineering Service Association’s (BESA) TR19 standards. 

The BESA TR19 guidelines are updated and amended regularly, and the changes must be followed closely. Failure to meet all of the TR19 document standards could make you liable in the event of a hazard caused by improperly cleaned ducts. It could also null and void your insurance coverage. 

Here at VHL, we follow the TR19 duct cleaning regulations very closely and our staff are always up-to-date with the latest TR19 protocols. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that our ductwork cleaning, canopy fan cleaning, and cleaning of kitchen extraction systems is always in accordance with TR19. Along with the British Standard and European Norm BSEN:15780 and the Building Services Research and Information Association’s BG49/2013 on commissioning air systems. 

Cleaning for TR19

We have the necessary specialist extract cleaning company tools that allow us to clean to the TR19 standard. Including an arsenal of extraction devices, mechanical brushes, air jets and more. Our knowledgeable workforce also has the necessary ventilation cleaning information to implement manual methods inline with TR19 regulations.

Our deep cleaning methods swiftly remove all contaminants from duct and ventilation systems. And if there is a microbiological problem, we can easily disinfect and deal with that too. If your duct system is difficult to access for a proper clean, then we can easily install access points. Making your system easier to clean now and in future. All at minimal disruption to you.

Keeping your workplace TR19 ready

The TR19 standard isn’t just about meeting some guidelines. Properly cleaned ductwork also keeps the air we breathe cleaner and can make employees healthier, happier and more productive. 

We can help you to keep on top of your systems and filters at any time, or on a regular basis. Regular checks are great for removing bacteria and mould as they develop. At the same time, we can check up on your inspection panels, fire dampers, and your VCDs to see if they are all working. 

Our TR19 standard site surveys thoroughly detail your exterior and interior ductwork, taking care of and keeping on top of issues as they develop. With regular checks, you can be safe in the knowledge that your work environment will always be TR19 ready.

The VHL Commitment

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The TR19 standard refers to a level of quality or attainment that must be achieved when duct and kitchen extract cleaning systems are themselves cleaned. The criteria for meeting the TR19 standard is set by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). Insurance and building companies require the TR19 standard be reached whenever ductwork cleaning operations are underway.

A valid TR19 certificate is seen as proof that your ducts and extract cleaning systems are safe to use and have been cleaned and degreased to a suitable standard. (The TR19 standard.) A TR19 certificate proves that you have taken steps to decrease unnecessary fire risks and hazards.

In the event a fire starts in your ducts or extraction units, insurance and building companies may demand to see proof of a TR19 certificate. If you do not have one, you could be held liable for the fire damage and your insurance could be invalidated.

This depends on how much cooking takes place in your kitchen. At a minimum, ‘low use’ kitchens (2-6 hours per day) should have their extraction units cleaned once every 12 months. For ‘moderate use’ kitchens (6-12 hours per day) a deep clean every 6 months is necessary. And for ‘heavy use’ kitchens (12-16 hours), it is recommended that the units be cleaned every 3 months to meet TR19 conditions. 

Keep in mind that certain kitchens may need more urgent cleaning after particularly heavy seasonal usages. Such as during the Christmas period or school holidays.

Grease, fumes, and other cooking outcomes quickly accumulate inside extraction fans if they are not cleaned regularly. This clogging can seriously restrict the flow of air through the extraction hood. This can cause the fan to overheat, which can be a major fire hazard. It is important to clean your extractor fan — along with your wider duct and extraction systems regularly — to keep to the TR19 standard.  

In addition to this, a clean extractor hood is more efficient at removing steam, smoke, and smells from a kitchen. A regularly cleaned extractor hood will also extend its lifespan. 

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