Storage Heaters Explained

Storage heaterStorage heaters are a slightly older method of heating the home, but nonetheless they are still used across the country today. They came to prominence in the 1970s, before more innovations saw them phased out.

Storage heaters work by ‘charging’ over night, when electricity was typically cheaper, and then using that electricity to heat its internal ceramic blocks (sometimes concrete). During the day, the charging stops and the stored heat is used, heating the room they are installed in. Some models featured a fan to help with temperature regulation.

Comparison With Gas

One of the drawbacks of storage heaters is their relative lack of efficiency compared to gas powered central heating. When they were first introduced, electricity was cheaper than it is now, and as a result storage heaters cost a lot less to run. With the high increase in electricity costs in modern times, storage heaters became a lot more expensive. Couple this with the fact that storage heaters are always on overnight, which means that they are using electricity even when you do not need them to be heating up.

Green Deal Options

Green Deal Storage heaters can be replaced using the Green Deal, as long as you do not have a gas supply. But the benefits of having a storage heater are only really used if you are off the gas grid or you are lucky enough to have any excess electricity.

New storage heaters are priced at around £250, which is much cheaper than the cost of a new boiler, for example, but a new boiler would save you a much larger sum in energy savings over the years.

Energy Efficient Boilers

Vaillant boilerIf you would like to improve the energy efficiency of your heating system, it is worth looking at upgrading from a storage heater to a gas-powered central heating system. This will provide you with a considerable saving on your energy bills, allowing you to heat your home for much less without compromising on the level of heat.

There is a wide range of energy efficient boilers available that suit a range of budgets, providing you with excellent heating and brilliant savings on your energy bills at the same time. Contact a professional, registered boiler installer today and discuss with them how a new, energy efficient boiler would be of benefit to you.


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