Some of the Commercial Sectors covered by VHL

As well as offering our expertise to domestic customers throughout London, here at VHL in London we also cater for commercial clients, too. We are proud to provide our services for:

For environments that house a large number of people, whether they are regular staff members or occasional visitors – ensuring that your central heating is working efficiently is vital to the smooth running of the premises.


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Whether it is a primary or secondary school, the functionality of your central heating is important for the comfort of staff and pupils alike. As your central heating and plumbing affects everything from classrooms to kitchens, it needs to be working properly at all times. Our experts can be with you at short notice to fix any problem, whether it is a slight issue or a more urgent situation that needs to be rectified.

Our maintenance services can also be tailored to meet your needs and schedule, something which is particularly important as it is best to avoid any disruption to pupils’ education where possible. The efficiency of our work means we can also carry out small or large scale services when the school is closed for the day or during school holidays.


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If you have just moved into a new office or you have been in your premises for some time and your old boiler is showing signs of faults, you need the best professional assistance to ensure it keeps functioning correctly.

VHL can install a brand new commercial boiler in your ne premises, or provide commercial repairs and maintenance for your existing system in a professional, efficient and high quality manner. Whether you operate from a small office building or you own a large, multi-storey or even multi-site business, our experts can give you exactly what you need to keep your workplace conditions at optimum levels. By providing energy efficient boilers, we can help you skim some vital money from your energy bills, giving you one less thing to worry about every month.


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One of the most important features for your guests in a hotel is comfort. Their enjoyment of their stay hinges on the quality of their room, and that includes temperature, hot water and air conditioning as well as the quality of the furniture.

VHL can provide you with exactly what you need, from the upgrading of your building’s heating system to the regular servicing of your existing boilers / furnaces, with all work carried out to legal standards with certification as standard.


If you would like to know more about what we can do, or have a commercial enquiry in need of a solution, please contact us today.


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