Smart Home Appliances Announced at CES 2016

In years gone by, technology exhibitions focused on innovations for things like television, mobile technology, gaming, home entertainment and transport. However, in recent years there has been a renewed concentration and drive towards implementing smart technology into everyday household appliances, and this year’s CES conference was a showcase of the most exciting innovations on the market.


Hydrao Smart Shower

Billions of people around the world have a shower in the morning or in the evening, but something that often goes unnoticed is the fact that even a quick shower can use a significant amount of water. Studies have shown that the average 5 minute shower can use up to 45 litres of water, so smart technology is now being used to help tackle and monitor this method of water usage. The Hydrao smart shower is one such example of smart technology. The battery-less, water flow-powered shower head uses coloured lights to let users know how much water they’ve used – less than 10 litres of water used equals a green light, a blue light for water usage over 10 litres, and an amber light for 30 litres or more. Once the 50 litre mark has been passed, the showerhead glows red to let the user know they have passed that threshold.

Hydrao can also be linked to a dedicated smartphone app for those who want to keep track of their water usage as and when they need to, making it incredibly easy to monitor and cut down on water usage, reducing environmental impact and water bills at the same time.

Washer Dryer works with nest

Whirlpool Smart Appliances

Although there have already been several successful forays into the smart appliance market, a lot of them are based around food and drink preparation. Whirlpool, a leading manufacturer of domestic appliances, have taken a different approach, creating smart technology for other appliances including washing machines.

The latest batch of smart appliances link with the popular Nest thermostat to ensure the washing up and laundry is only done when energy use in the home is at its lowest. This link, coupled with the tried and tested efficiency and reliability of the Nest thermostat means that you can rest assured that your smart appliances will be running at the most energy efficient and cost-effective times. Another handy feature of the washing machine is that it can keep your clothes fresh in the event that a cycle stops while you are out of the house, removing the need to re-wash damp, smelly clothes.

The appliances can be linked to a smartphone and tablet app that show you how much money you are saving, as well as giving the option to activate the washing machine remotely for maximum ease. This means that energy bills are reduced as well as water usage, which is beneficial to the environment and your wallet!

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