Preparing For A Plumber To Visit Your Home

While boilers and home heating systems are indeed some of the most efficient systems within any home, there will be times when they will inevitably need to be serviced. This could centre around a routine yearly maintenance visit or an emergency repair during the colder months of the year.

Due to the fact that no two jobs are ever the same, a technician arriving at a property can be presented with a potentially challenging task. To speed up the entire visit, there are several actions that a homeowner can take to allow this servicing to be effective and reliable. Let's take a quick look at a few top tips.


Clear the Working Area

Plumber working under sinkOne of the most frustrating problems that many professionals will encounter is a work area that is cluttered. This can add a great deal of time to the entire task and in some cases, a dirty work area may even impede the diagnosis of a problem.

So, it is very important to make certain that the immediate area is free from these materials; particularly if valuable or fragile items are present. Make sure that the location is well lit and as clean as possible.


Power Down the Unit in Question

Radiator control valveWe should never forget that a boiler, radiator or central heating system can become quite hot during use (even if there is a problem). If these machines are not given an ample opportunity to cool down, the amount of time that the repair technician will be on the job can increase dramatically.

Once again, this can be easily remedied by turning the appliance off a few hours before the individual arrives. This can help the repair job go much quicker and as many companies will charge by the hour, the homeowner can also save a substantial amount of money.


Have a List of Suspected Issues Ready

Leaking ceilingIf possible, it is a great idea to write down the problems that the appliance is exhibiting. Is there a strange smell during its use or does water periodically leak? Is the water too hot or does the pilot light fail to turn on?

These are some of the most common questions that may be asked during a visit. By having a checklist handy, the technician can rule out certain conditions while checking for the most likely faults. As previously, this will allow the entire job to be completed in a short amount of time.


Lock Up Any Pets

Dog in dog houseDue to their curious nature, loose dogs or cats can create a nuisance in a work area. So, remember to place them in a different room or leave them outside when the professional arrives at the property. As the service may require that the individual enters and leaves the home frequently, locking up any pets will also prevent them from accidentally escaping. This is an important safety feature that should never be overlooked.



These simple steps are all excellent ways to ensure that any visit will be as safe, efficient and effective as possible. While one may have a great deal of time to prepare for a scheduled maintenance, even emergency visits should be catered to in this fashion. This will provide the plumber / heating engineer with the space and comfort that are necessary to successfully complete his or her task.



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