Moving House Heating Checks

Moving house requires a huge amount of organisation at both ends of the move, and it is vital that no stone is left unturned when it comes to final checks of your old house before you depart for your new one. As well as the usual checking of furniture and ensuring that you’ve not left anything behind, a lot of people may forget to check their boiler before they leave. It is important that you remember to inspect your boiler to avoid any issues for the new residents that you could be liable for.

Buyers’ Boiler Checks


Heating thermostat

If you are moving into a new home, then there are a number of checks that will help you determine what – if any – work needs to be done or changes need to be made. Check that your appliance has a thermostat on the side. If it doesn’t, that means it doesn’t have a control on the temperature of hot water, which is no good.

The ability to adjust temperature can help you manage the amount you spend on your heating – if your boiler is on a high temperature all the time, you can find yourself spending a lot more on your bills than you perhaps anticipated.

Boiler Age

If you are moving into an older property, chances are that the boiler itself may be ageing.

If it is, start looking for a new, more modern system. Combination boilers are ideal for homes with only one bathroom, as they do not have a hot water storage tank, but are incredibly efficient when it comes to heating your water supply.

Boiler Make Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 12.17.07

Is the boiler a brand you know of? If it’s a less well known brand, you may find parts are hard to come by or expensive. Check with a boiler engineer how familiar they are with the make / model, as well as googling to get some initial feedback. Also, see Popular boilers installed in the UK.



It is also worth checking to see whether there is outstanding finance on the boiler. People who opted to pay a monthly fee, rather than upfront costs may not have completed their repayments.


Old radiator

Old radiators can contain corrosion and limescale, in which case putting a new high efficiency boiler on the system is pointless.  The lifespan of a high efficiency condensing boiler is dramatically reduced by connecting it to old radiators and pipework.


Sellers’ Boiler Checks

Sweeten The Deal

Boiler Service

Having your boiler inspected and serviced before you sell can save a lot of trouble for the new residents. The peace of mind of a recently serviced boiler could be the tipping point that means they put an offer in for your property rather than another in need of boiler maintenance.

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