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Kitchen Duct Cleaning Service

Here at VHL, we provide a specialist kitchen duct cleaning service in line with BESA specification, TR-19. This is a vital service for commercial kitchens. If kitchen extract systems aren’t cleaned regularly, the build-up of grease and fats in the extraction system can reduce airflow and can present a fire risk. High enough temperatures or flames can ignite the grease deposits in the kitchen canopy, causing flames to quickly spread throughout the ducting system. 

In addition to presenting a fire safety risk, failure to regularly clean your extraction systems can invalidate your buildings insurance policy. Warm, greasy environments like ducts are also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and cockroaches. This is why it is vital your extraction systems are regularly inspected and cleaned by a professional duct cleaning company for complete peace of mind. 

Duct Cleaning Service Package

Here at VHL Facilities, we believe in going the extra mile for our customers, which is why we also offer our clients a range of discounted duct cleaning service packages for routine duct cleaning throughout the year. This can be a great way to save your business money while still ensuring your kitchen extraction ducts are clean and completely compliant. For more information on our kitchen extraction cleaning service packages, please get in touch with us on 020 8102 9898.

Available Packages:

Your Legal Requirements

The Health and Safety Executive and insurer guidelines stipulate that kitchen extraction systems should be cleaned regularly to minimise fire hazards and other risks. In addition, the BESA specification, TR-19, provides specific guidance on the measurement and definition of cleanliness for good practice. 

It is your responsibility to ensure your kitchen ventilation systems are regularly inspected and cleaned. Hire a professional ventilation cleaning company, like VHL, to ensure your commercial kitchen is compliant. 

TR-19 Certified Service

All of our duct inspection and deep cleaning works are carried out by professional and fully qualified technicians in full compliance with the TR-19 standard and  BS15780 guidelines. We work to a very high standard to ensure your ventilation system is compliant and left free of contamination. In addition, we work to DW-144 & DW172 guidelines with respect to any access panels that require fitting. 

Our technicians provide regular cleaning and inspection for commercial kitchens in the Greater London area. In addition to duct cleaning, VHL conducts kitchen grease extract fire risk assessments in line with the TR-19 standard. Get in touch with our expert team by calling 020 8102 9898 or by using our contact form for a no-obligation quote or expert advice. 

The VHL Commitment

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  • Full inspection report and drawings provided after cleaning is completed

Duct Cleaning FAQ

Most building owners and insurers insist on regular inspections and cleaning of commercial kitchen ducting. In addition, it is required by the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005 regulation.

The build-up of grease in kitchen extraction systems from food production can create a risk of fire. In addition, it can allow insurance companies to refuse to payout in the event of a fire as it invalidates your buildings insurance.

Duct and ventilation cleaning isn’t an easy task without the right knowledge, experience and equipment. Hiring a professional team is cheaper and easier than attempting the task by yourself. In addition, professional duct cleaners, like VHL, know how to ensure compliance with the relevant standards and regulations.

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If you run a commercial kitchen and are in need of a professional kitchen extract cleaning service, get in touch with our expert team by phone on 020 8102 9898 or by using our contact form and we will provide you with a no-obligation, free quote.  

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