Is Your Business Wasting Money? Here’s 5 Simple Ways To Save

A recent report from a study carried out by British Gas has found that businesses across the country are wasting up to 50% of their electricity outside of business hours (traditionally 8am to 6pm). This unnecessary use of electricity is a common fault in many businesses, and by rectifying such a problem, companies could see huge savings on their energy bills.


Switch Off The Lights

Illuminate emergency lightOne of the simplest methods of reducing this unnecessary energy use is to simply switch off all lights when working hours are over. There is little-to-no point in keeping lights on after everyone has left the building, so by flicking the switch you could be saving your company a considerable amount of money in the long term.


Low Energy Bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbInstead of using the standard light bulb, make the switch to low-energy, high-efficiency bulbs. You will still see the same amount of light, but the energy efficiency is much, much higher than that of the traditional light bulb.

Another light-related tip is to install motion-activated lighting in your workplace, which may be a somewhat expensive investment at the time, but the money saved in the long term will be a welcome bonus.


Tax Incentives

Tax paperworkThere are a number of schemes available designed to reward businesses for increasing their energy efficiency, so it is worth exploring your options to see how your business can benefit from cutting down on your energy bills.

The Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA) allows businesses to claim 100% of their first year capital allowances on any purchase of equipment that qualifies for the scheme. You can then write off the cost of said purchase against taxable profits you made in the investment period.


Check Your Taps & Pipes

Dripping tapNot only is a dripping tap quite an annoying sound and sight, if left unresolved for too long it can amount to a lot of wasted water.

Check all taps and pipes to see if there are any leaks or blockages, and if you discover any make sure to call out a professional to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Turn Your Central Heating Down

Central heating thermostatAlthough the office may get cold in the winter months, there is no need for any heating to be turned up to an excessive level. By being stringent with your heating use, you can save money without making employees work in uncomfortably cold temperatures. This also goes for air conditioning – use it only when necessary and you will soon see the benefits of your choice.


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