Is There a Best Time for Boiler Work?

Encountering boiler problems in your home or property is inevitable; it may take several years for any faults to develop, but no boiler lasts forever. Sometimes boiler faults or breakdowns can happen unexpectedly and take you completely by surprise, but often there are warning signs that let you know you should consider calling out an engineer.

But is there a time of year that is ideal for having boiler work done? This article will look at whether or not you should wait for a certain time before getting a new boiler or servicing work.


Tree in SpringIf you need a new boiler, spring may be the perfect time to make the purchase. Many central heating companies put on sales to help offload last year’s stock of boilers and by taking advantage of these sales you can make huge savings.


Tree in SummerBy investing in boiler work in summer, you can make a considerable saving on what you would pay for the same work in winter (it isn’t as much as an emergency). Supply and demand unfortunately can inflate prices.

By paying for boiler maintenance or other work in summer also, you have the benefit of pleasant weather to ride out any issues should your boiler need to be removed / taken out of action for a short time. Factor in the school holidays too, when you may be at home anyway looking after the kids and that’s less need to take a day off work.


Tree in WinterWinter is the time of year where boiler faults and breakdowns are more common and as such, you may find that boiler technicians are busier and therefore they may charge more for their work. The knock on effect is waiting times can be longer too, as the plumber will be occupied with more work.

Perhaps most importantly, if your system breaks down completely or develops a serious fault then you and your home are without heat / hot water.

In short, winter can be considered the worst time to require boiler work!



Here at VHL we are experts in the installation, repair and maintenance of boilers of all makes, models and ages. Our highly skilled, experienced and fully accredited team will carry out all work to the highest possible standard, whether you need a brief inspection or a replacement boiler and you can choose your replacement from our wide range of boilers from the leading manufacturers.

So if you think you’re in need of a new boiler, get in touch with VHL today and take advantage of our fantastic service at exceptional prices.




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