Improve your heating with a power flush [infographic]

The symptoms, the process, the results

Power Flushing infographic

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What is the importance of power flushing?

A power flush is a cleaning process that uses a combination of chemicals in order to eliminate tough blockages and residues such as sludge, rust and limescale. These kinds of blockages are the source of over 80% of central heating problems, and powerflushing is by far the most effective way of dealing with them.

Although powerflushing requires a large up-front payment, this payment is a one off and it is much better value than paying for repairs whenever your system breaks down, which can be a common occurrence with rust, limescale and sludge blockages.

If you are noticing a lack of effectiveness in your central heating system, then a power flush could be the lifeline you need. It can resolve this problem, returning your boiler to the level of efficiency that you expect from it, and it eliminates the need for further repetitive power flushes as it adds a corrosion inhibitor to the system during the process.

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