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Why choose VHL for your next hot water cylinder installation?

Firstly, not all hot water cylinders are the same. There are a variety of different hot water cylinders that meet different specific needs. Our expert heating engineers can help you choose the ideal cylinder for your needs at a great price.

At VHL, we have over 25 years of experience providing the best quality products and services to customers throughout London, and southeast England. In that time, we have become accredited suppliers and installers of all leading heating, hot water, and combi-boiler brands giving you the best choice possible for your needs.

Direct cylinders

A direct cylinder heats the water itself using one or more immersion heater. Direct cylinders also come as vented or unvented variants depending upon how the hot water is distributed across the house to taps and showers.

Indirect cylinders

An indirect cylinder does not have its own heat source and requires an external appliance to provide the heat. So an indirect cylinder stores heated water for storage or backup. Heating sources can include boilers and solar panels.

Unvented cylinders

Unvented cylinders use the mains pressure entering your house to deliver the hot water around your home. Typically an unvented cylinder will be used as part of a complete system boiler installation. A key benefit is that as long as your mains pressure is high enough there is no need for shower pumps. Also if roof space is at a premium it takes up less space as a header tank is not required.

Vented cylinders

Vented cylinders are more traditional and rely on a feeder tank typically held in the loft. This supplies mains fed cold water which is then heated and distributed around your home to hot water taps and showers. The system is gravity fed. Vented systems tend to be par of conventional boiler installations.

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