Gas Safety obligations for landlords

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Are you thinking about renting out a property but unsure what your obligations are when it comes to gas? Are you already a landlord but want to check your responsibility? This article runs through the Gas Safety obligations for landlords and aims to clear up any confusion.

As a landlord, am I responsible for the Gas Safety Certificate?

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Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, it is the landlord’s responsibility by law to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate every 12 months. This must be done by a Gas Safe Registered engineer and must cover all installed pipework, gas appliances and flues at the property.

You must keep a copy of each certificate for 2 years, and a copy must be sent to the current tenants within 28 days of the inspection. If or when your tenants change, they must be given a copy of the existing Gas Safety Certificate before they move in. While it is only legally required that you renew your Gas Safe Certificates every 12 months, it is a good idea to get your appliances checked in between tenants to ensure that everything is in working order when your new tenants move in.

What if I use a managing or letting agent?

Your contract with the agent must clearly specify who is responsible for the gas maintenance and safety checks, as well as keeping the associated records. If your contract specifies that this is the agent’s responsibility, then all obligations covered by the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 apply to the agent in place of the landlord.

What does a Gas Safety Certificate cover?

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A Gas Safety Certificate covers the following checks:

  • Tightness of all gas appliances
  • Standing and working gas pressure (where test points are available)
  • Burner pressure and gas rate of gas appliances (compared to the manufacturer’s data plate)
  • Checks to ensure the provision of all necessary ventilation
  • Flue flow and removal of emissions
  • Operation of flame failure devices
  • Presence and stability of stability brackets (where necessary)
  • Checks for evidence of unsafe operation of gas appliances

What happens if I break the regulations?

Not keeping your Gas Safe Certificates up-to-date may result in the use of unsafe gas appliances, which can endanger lives. Failure to comply with gas safety regulations may also lead to a substantial fine and/or a custodial sentence.



For more information about your obligations as a landlord, take a look at our related articles or HSE’s FAQ page. We also provide a range of landlord services, including Gas Safety inspections and certificates or get in touch with us today.

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