Enjoyed Lower Bills Over Summer? Keep It That Way

As the temperatures rise outside during Summer, the time for using your central heating to keep warm indoors has come to an end. There are a range of ways you can continue the reduction in your heating use for good going forward, without completely switching off, and this article will look into them.

Turn Down The Thermostat

Thermostat downYou will be surprised at the amount of money you can save on your energy bills just with a few subtle changes to the way you use your heating.

By turning your thermostat down by one degree you can save up to £65 a year on your energy expenses, so by lowering the temperature a little more you can make even bigger savings without drastically altering the way you use your heating.


Loft insulationBy insulating your home, you can prevent the loss of heat through the roof and reduce the need for your central heating system to be used. This can include cavity wall insulation, as well as loft insulation. For homes where either of these may not be feasible, there are also cladding insulation techniques available too, as well as roof insulation.

Insulation may be an initial expense, but the money that you can save over the long term will soon cancel out any upfront payments that you have to make for the insulation. Alternatively, there are a number of incentives / grants that are being offered that allow you to insulate your money for less.


Door draught excluderAnother oft-forgotten aspect of keeping your home warm is to eliminate the possibility of draughts. Heat can escape through cracks in doors, windows, pipes and joins in the home, so by sealing them up you can retain a lot more heat and thus reduce the need to turn up your thermostat when you feel a bit chilly. Something as simple as closing the curtains means an extra layer that the heat cannot escape though.

Although you may be able to feel a draught in your home, it can be difficult to tell where exactly it’s coming from, so make sure you check all possible areas in order to appropriately seal them. This includes letter boxes, the vents in your walls or above your double glazing, keyholes, gaps underneath doors and so on.

Use Heating Occasionally

Turning boiler onAlthough it may seem sensible to turn off your boiler and central heating completely for as long as possible, by doing so your system can actually seize up as there is no fluid being circulated round the system, which can lead to problems when you need to turn the system back on in the winter.

If you run your central heating and hot water every so often, you can keep the system in correct working order and avoid any problems when you need to use them regularly.



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