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VHL provides a comprehensive duct system cleaning service throughout the Greater London area, in accordance with the TR-19 Standard defined by the BESA. We make use of a variety of specialised equipment and methods to remove all types of contamination from your air duct system to ensure the health and safety of your premises. 

Under the Fire Precautions Regulations, there is a legal requirement to undertake a formal fire safety risk assessment for your ventilation extraction systems. Our expert technicians can provide advice on ensuring your ventilation systems are fully compliant with TR-19 as part of our professional duct cleaning service. 

With qualified and highly trained technicians covering the Greater London Area, we can ensure a fast and efficient duct cleaning service to suit your needs. Get in touch with our expert team on 020 3918 6405 or by using our contact form for a no-obligation quote.

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The TR-19 Standard

The TR-19 standard was defined by BESA as the way to standardise duct and kitchen extract cleaning systems. To be compliant with TR-19, your ductwork must be classified at one of three levels that reflect the purpose and function of the particular area of the property. This can result in different classifications for individual areas within the same building or commercial property. 

Here at VHL, we can provide expert help and guidance to determine which category, or categories, your ventilation system falls into to determine how often the ductwork should be tested and cleaned to meet the TR-19 standard. We can also provide expert advice on staying compliant in the most cost-effective way with a tailored duct cleaning and maintenance schedule. 

Kitchen Duct Cleaning

If regular cleaning of commercial kitchen extract systems isn’t performed, fats and grease can build up in kitchen extraction systems, which reduced airflow efficiency and also creates a fire risk. Under the right circumstances, flames can ignite the grease and cause fire to rapidly spread throughout the duct. In addition to presenting a fire safety risk, failure to regularly clean kitchen grease extract systems can invalidate your building’s insurance

Here at VHL, we provide a professional cleaning service for kitchen extraction systems in accordance with BESA specifications. Our duct cleaning services are carried out by professional and qualified technicians that complete the job quickly and efficiently, leaving your commercial kitchen safe and compliant.

Office Ventilation Cleaning

Ventilation systems should be regularly and professionally cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure they are kept clean and free from any contaminates. Dirty air ducts and ventilation systems can affect your business in a variety of ways, such as poor indoor air quality, damaged equipment or furniture and the cost of replacing a deteriorated air condition system. 

A full air duct clean can very disruptive and costly to a business, which is why we suggest performing regular cleaning and checks of your air conditioning systems. All of our air duct cleaning services are carried out in accordance with all BESA and the Health & Safety Commission guidelines and regulations for added peace of mind for our customers.

Electric Rotary Brush Machine

Here at VHL, we strive to provide a high standard of service to all of our clients. This means we not only provide experienced and qualified personnel but also make use of the best equipment available. That means we always have the right cleaning equipment to perform a deep cleaning service of your ducting. We make use of specialist brush rods to gain access to the duct system for deep cleaning. 

The Special Cleaner 25 Multi is a powerful and versatile machine that is capable of both grease and dust removal. The unit has an electric motor with a built-in line for foam injection, air jetting and rinsing to ensure a thorough and effective clean.

Duct Cleaning FAQ

Air ducts and ventilation systems need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the build up of contaminants that could cause illness or damage to your property. Kitchen extraction systems can also cause a fire safety hazard if not cleaned regularly. 

The TR-19 Standard is the standard defined by the BESA as a way to standardise all duct and extraction cleaning systems. It has become the standard to match when performing ductwork cleaning projects. 

Cleaning ducts isn’t a “do it yourself” type of job. Without the necessary experience and equipment, duct cleaning is incredibly difficult, if not impossible. In addition, it is far more cost-effective to hire a professional than it is to buy the necessary equipment. 

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