Don’t Be Conned in an Emergency – Trustworthy Tradesmen Checklist

TradesmanThere will inevitably be times where something in your house isn’t working as it should, or isn’t working at all. Sometimes, these faults will be easily repairable – you can set aside an hour or two and fix them yourself. But occasionally these problems will require professional assistance, and arranging such help can be stressful in itself.

There are countless professional, affordable and reputable tradesmen around, but unfortunately there are also many ‘tradesmen’ who are happy to charge excessive fees for sub-standard work. This post will help you to identify the traits and qualities of those you can trust to get the work done well.



1. Check Credentials/Licences

Water Industry Approved Plumbing SchemeThis is arguably the most important check to make when hiring a plumber. Any professional, trustworthy plumber will be involved in WIAPS; a heating engineer will also be Gas Safe registered. Check for proof of this on meeting any potential tradesmen.

2. Look At Previous Work

Any reputable contractor will have a portfolio of their previous work available, as they rely heavily on references to secure more work. Ask to see their previous projects; they should be happy to show you.

3. Use Review Sites

ReviewGathering opinions from other customers is a great way to judge whether a certain tradesman is right for you. Check reviews for their services, there are sites dedicated to service reviews, and they’re very honest. Look for the plumber with the most positive reviews, rather than the one with one outstanding review.

4. Don’t Pay Upfront

Never pay the full cost of the work up front. All tradesmen may ask for a deposit before they get started, but if you’re asked to pay the full amount before the work has begun, alarm bells should start ringing.

5. Written Warranty Protection

Signed PaperworkEnsuring that you are in possession of signed proof of all contracts and services is vital. This helps protect you from scams, and ensures that any guarantees and warranties are secured.

6. Contact Information

Obtain all phone numbers and email addresses of any tradesmen you hire. This ensures you have means of contacting them even after the job is finished, so you can chase them up if there’s anything that you’re not happy with.



These are just a few tips to help you avoid the dishonest people in the plumbing trade and ensure you hire the best plumber available to you. If you fall for the deceit of a fake tradesman, it can not only be very costly, but a job that isn’t done properly can pose a huge danger to the safety and wellbeing of the people in your home.

VHL are proud recipients of industry accreditations, which demonstrate the reputability of our staff. Add in our customer feedback and 25 years of experience working for high profile companies and you’re assured of a job well done across heating / plumbing, electrical work & property maintenance.

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