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Commercial sectors we cover

Sectors we cover

Our commercial services cover a range of sectors, from schools to hotels and factories. Whatever premises we are required for, we are always fully prepared and able to carry out the best, most effective service for that particular sector, ensuring minimal disturbance to your daily operations and a quick turnaround. We cover:

Property management companies




Religious venues


Accredited workmanship

Our team can install, repair and maintain commercial boilers from a wide range of manufacturers, thanks to their Gas Safe accreditation, meaning that we are perfectly placed to provide you with commercial boiler services whenever you need them. We also provide electrical work, from PAT testing to rewiring to ensure that your electrics are functioning correctly and working safely.

If your boiler has a power rating of 70kW or above, then it is classed as a commercial boiler, and specialist Gas Safe qualification is required in order to perform installations, repairs and servicing on the system. Our engineers are all Gas Safe registered, so you can be sure you are in the safest of hands when you use our services.

Property management companies

Commercial Case Study

If you own a multi-residential property, then ensuring your property is safe and up to standard for tenants is of paramount importance. From making sure that the central heating is working to ensuring that locks are in good condition, there are a number of responsibilities for a property management company.

At VHL, we are proud to provide a comprehensive, professional service for property management companies of all sizes. Our skilled, accredited engineers can carry out installation, repairs and maintenance of central heating systems and electrical systems, as well as providing handyman work for decorating, repairs and other tasks.


Whether you’ve moved into your office recently, or you’ve been there for years and you’re just starting to notice problems with your boiler, it is important that you take action as soon as possible, and VHL are the people to help you.

We strive to provide the highest quality service and achieve the best possible results without disturbing your working day. We can carry out our work with minimal disruption to yourself, your staff and any visitors you may have.

The benefits of a fully working boiler don’t just stop at having a comfortable temperature - a fully functioning boiler will also operate more efficiently than a faulty one, so you can save money on your energy bills, too.


Schools are busy places during term times, and the comfort of those within the school is vital to comfort and productivity. If the central heating is broken in a school building, the uncomfortable climate can make it difficult for pupils to concentrate, which can, in turn, affect their productivity.

The commercial boiler services we offer are designed to work around you, so we can tailor our services so as to offer minimal disruption lessons and the school day, ensuring that your central heating is working properly as quickly as possible.


For people stopping over in a hotel for a night on their way to a holiday or work destination, or for those who are staying there for a longer period as part of their holidays, the need for comfort remains a priority. If your central heating system is not working correctly, it can have a significant effect on the comfort of your guests, so swift and effective action is a must if you notice an issue.

The engineers at VHL are Gas Safe registered, so we are certified to carry out work on commercial boilers in any premises. We strive for the utmost quality in our work, from start to finish, so you can be sure of excellent service for your hotel when you choose VHL.

Religious venues

Despite not typically being modern structures, religious venues still accommodate several hundred visitors on a regular basis, and the climate within these buildings needs to be at optimum levels to ensure it is a comfortable place to worship. Not only that, but the temperature of the interior can affect traditional fabrics & other important items such as scriptures.

Ensuring the boiler / heating is operating at the best and most efficient level is not only vital for comfort, but also it helps you save money on the energy bills. At VHL, our Gas Safe registered team repair & service boilers at places of worship and ensure it is operating at maximum efficiency to help you keep a perfect temperature as well as a few more pounds in your pocket.

Factories / Warehouses

Climate control in factories is incredibly important for a number of reasons, from the comfort of your employees to the condition of the materials created in the factory itself. If your boiler is not functioning correctly, the temperature within your factory will be poorly managed, and in these environments, even a small change in temperature can have considerable consequences.

Our engineers are available to install, repair and maintain your commercial boilers safely and efficiently, with full Gas Safe accreditation. We pride ourselves on prompt response times, arriving on site quickly to ensure swift resolution to any problem you may have with your boiler.

For more information about our boiler services, electrical works or safety inspections, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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