Bosch Commercial and Industrial Boilers

Bosch Commercial & Industrial Boilers

Bosch’s commercial and industrial boilers take pride in meeting the needs of any working environment. With outputs ranging from 650 - 38,000kW, the steel boilers are designed to match the specifications of the customer, ensuring an ideal level of efficiency & performance for each environment.

The systems contain refined technology which means you can benefit from fully-automatic operation of your boiler. As well as large scale hot water boilers and steam boilers, Bosch Industrial and Commercial also design excellent Combined Heat and Power (CHP) boilers.

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Combined Heat & Power

The benefits of CHP boilers include a very high level of efficiency and heat output. They also provide the added bonus of cogeneration, which is the production of heat and electricity simultaneously.

Triple performance

Trigeneration is also a possibility with certain models, meaning that heat, electricity and cooling is generated at once for an even more comprehensive performance.

Bosch Efficiency

Bosch Industrial’s systems do not just stop at boilers, either. They provide excellent waste heat recovery systems that are designed to generate thermal heat and process heat. This means that if your CHP, hot water or steam boiler generates excess heat, it does not go to waste and is retrieved by a heat recovery system. This decreases your boiler’s environmental impact and also the financial outcome of your energy bills on your wallet. This means that the initial outlay that you make on the system itself is soon recovered by the savings you make on your energy bills.

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About Bosch Commercial & Industrial

A household name in the appliance industry, notably in the heating market sectors, Bosch Industrial is responsible for the creation of countless innovative products, with over 100,000 boiler systems installed in more than 140 countries.

Established in 1993 as a subsidiary of Buderus Heiztechnik GmbH of Wetzlar Germany, it has continued the remarkable output of the family run business. The parent company began manufacturing boilers and stoves in 1878, progressing and developing over the next century before leading into the advanced condensing technology market.

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