Boiler Health Check [step-by-step]

Boiler Health Check flowchart


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Boiler Problems?

We use our boilers nearly every day without so much as a second thought – that is, until they develop a fault or stop working. If you do your best to keep your boiler in working order, then you can benefit from savings on your energy bills and unexpected repairs.


Ensuring that your boiler receives regular checks from a registered, qualified professional. This way, any faults or potential faults can be intercepted before they cause serious issues, costing you a large amount of money and causing significant damage to your home or workplace. Boiler health checks can be arranged as and when you feel you need one, or you can arrange with your plumbing company to schedule periodic visits so they can keep track of your boiler’s performance and condition.

As well as carrying out inspections and repairs themselves, your plumber can also give you a checklist of simple inspections that you can do yourself to help you identify any problems or understand what certain noises/error codes mean.

VHL are specialists in the installation, maintenance and repair of boilers of all makes, models and ages. Our experts can provide regular or one-off visits to inspect your boiler and carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance work to maximise the lifespan of your boiler.

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