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1st Class Service

Serving Greater London

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First Rate Baxi Boilers Service

Here at VHL Facilities, we carry out first-rate Baxi boiler services to domestic and commercial customers across the whole of London. As part of our heating provision, our skilled boiler engineers are qualified to install and repair all boilers from across the Baxi range, offering you a great choice of products.

Formed way back in 1866, Baxi produces a selection of high-efficiency boilers, such as Baxi Platinum Combi HE, Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE, Baxi Solo HE and Megaflo System HE, specially designed to provide your heating and hot water in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our team is experienced in dealing with the entire Baxi range, able to fit and repair each model to the highest standard. As part of our promise to our clients, we will beat any price from national gas companies, meaning you’ll receive the best possible value on every unit.

A Baxi Accredited Company

As part of our comprehensive provisions, our dedicated building and property maintenance team offer a wide and versatile range of repairs and maintenance services for all property owners. Not only are we a team of heating and plumbing engineers, but we also provide repairs and handyman services across London and the home counties.

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Baxi Boiler Installation in London

If you need a new boiler for your home or commercial property, VHL are fully qualified and experienced in providing Baxi boiler installations across London and the home counties.

Each installation comes with a 2-5 five-year parts and labour guarantee.  All of the work our heating engineers carry out is fully vetted by many relevant associations, including Gas Safe, the Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers (IPHE) and the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment, ensuring the best possible workmanship every time.

No matter the size of your Baxi boiler installation requirements, at VHL, our team works closely with our clients to design and install the most efficient and effective heating system.

Baxi Boiler Repairs and Servicing

As a Baxi accredited company, our heating engineers are fully equipped and qualified to provide a comprehensive range of Baxi boiler repairs and services.

If you have noticed something wrong with your Baxi boiler, you can rely on our Gas Safe engineers to provide expert diagnostics using specialist software and speedy solutions to ensure your system is fully functioning and working to its full capacity.

With annual boiler servicing, you can regularly check that your domestic or commercial boiler is working correctly and spot any areas for concern before they develop into more serious problems. Don’t wait for your Baxi boiler to break down completely before calling VHL, book boiler servicing today.

The Baxi Boiler Range

The modern design of the Baxi 200 means that it is small enough to fit inside a standard kitchen cupboard, without compromising on any of the essential equipment needed to provide the desired performance

The lightest boiler available in the UK today, the EcoBlue Advance heat boiler weighs just 19.5kg making it ideal for hanging on a wall in your garage or utility, or inside one of your cupboards if you do have the space going spare.

The Baxi EcoBlue Heat Only boiler is an ideal replacement for a tired or inefficient conventional boiler, offering sufficient heat and hot water options to owners of properties of all sizes.

One of the most economical system boilers on the market today, the Baxi EcoBlue comes with concealed user controls allowing you to make adjustments when you need to and not by accident.

The clear LCD display and concealed user controls mean that you can adjust the EcoBlue Advance boiler when you need to, and any faults are clearly displayed for you to report and resolve with the help of a trained engineer.

The Baxi 400 Combi has been designed to be sleek, stylish and quiet; making it the perfect addition to any home. This new look has meant that all pipework can be hidden away giving you a range of installation options.

Designed with quality and efficiency in mind, the Baxi EcoBlue+ combi boiler range consists of three models that can cope with the everyday demands of the modern home while still managing to keep fuel bills down.

With an A-rating for efficiency the Baxi Megaflo system boiler range will bring down your monthly energy bills and lower your carbon emissions so that you can do your bit for the environment even when heating your home.

The Baxi Duo-tec combi boiler range includes four standard boiler models and an LPG option for those not on mains gas, and each comes with a range of options including timers and sensors to ensure that the hot water and central heating is ready when you are.

When you have a Baxi Platinum combi boiler installed in your home you are ensured of a top quality boiler that has been given top ratings for both efficiency and economy. You are also ensured of a sleek and stylish boiler that is compact enough to fit anywhere in your home

Why Choose VHL?

1st Class Baxi Boiler
Services in London

We take pride in being one of the most trusted Baxi accredited heating companies in London. You can rely on us to provide reliable repairs and high-quality installations whatever the complexity.

Baxi Boiler Services Covering a
Wide Service Area

At VHL, we serve London, Greater London and the home counties with expert plumbing, heating and boiler services. Like Uber, you will be able to track our heating engineers when they are on the way to you.

Our Price Match

We guarantee to provide not only the best level of service, but to offer the best prices. We match our competitors’ rates for all plumbing and heating jobs, meaning you’re guaranteed to receive the best deal.

Property Maintenance FAQs

Repressurising your Baxi boiler is quite simple and you should be able to do it yourself without calling out a heating engineer.

If you can’t manage or you’d prefer a professional to take a look, our Gas Safe registered Baxi boiler engineers are on hand to top up your boiler’s pressure and show you how to do it yourself should you need to in the future.

Over time, air can get into your system which may cause your Baxi boiler’s pressure to drop. This can be detected by any cold spots on your radiators.

Leaks in your central heating system can also cause your Baxi boiler to lose pressure. Be sure to check pipes, radiators and valves for any signs of rust, staining or corrosion. Water might not be noticeable as it may evaporate.

Build-ups of sludge and debris in your hot water system might also cause a drop of pressure in your Baxi boiler. At VHL, our power flush service can help alleviate this.

If you’re not sure what is causing your Baxi boiler to lose pressure, feel free to get in touch with our London heating engineers for expert advice.

Resetting your Baxi boiler will depend on the model you have. Your Baxi boiler will either have a dedicated reset button, an On/Off/Selector switch that needs to be switched to R (reset), or a thermostat control knob that should be turned fully anticlockwise.

If you need help resetting your Baxi boiler, give the VHL boiler engineers a call and we shall assist.

If you’ve recently moved home or business premises, it may be beneficial to find out the age of your Baxi boiler.

This can usually be done by sourcing the unit’s serial code which is usually found on the drop-down panel. If your boiler was manufactured after 2003, the 4th and 5th number on your serial code will tell you the year it was made.

Draining your Baxi boiler is a relatively straightforward task, however, if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, call our experienced boiler engineers to help.

Start by turning off your Baxi boiler, disconnect it from the power supply and let the water cool down.

Locate the drainage valve which is usually the lowest point on your lowest radiator. Connect a hose securely and tighten the clip to prevent any leaks.

Once the other end of the hose has been moved to a drainage point, you can open every valve on your radiators to allow the water to drain out. To speed up the replacement of water with air, you can open your radiator’s bleed valves. Be sure to close these valves afterwards.

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