Are Your Household Appliances Energy Vampires?

Infographic for household energy vampires


The level of energy efficiency in our homes is a topic that is never far from the top of the news agenda. However, for everyday people, the amount of energy that our appliances use often slips under the radar – the first thing we think about when we turn on the TV or the microwave is whether it works or not, not how much energy is being used.

This infographic looks at a selection of common household appliances and gadgets and analyses how much energy they use.

What’s kWh?

A kWh (kilowatt hour) is a measure of energy. It counts how many 1000 watts (the same as 1 kW) are used by an appliance in an hour.

“The Big Six” price per unit (= 1 kWh)

  • British Gas – 15.34p per kWh
  • e-on – 13.41p per kWh
  • npower – 14.87p per kWh
  • EDF – 12.64p per kWh
  • SSE – 13.08p per kWh
  • Scottish Power – 12.03p per kWh

Average cost per unit = 13.56p per kWh
(prices correct as of November 2015)


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