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Air Conditioning

Our Air Conditioning specialist are highly qualified in servicing,
repairing and installing air conditioning units.

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We provide a variety of different services for air conditioning. Air Conditioning units will dehumidify and cleanse the air and will change the temperature according to the weather, even if it is warm or cold.

We highly recommend the temperature to be set around 20°C, however it all depends on the environment of where you place the system and number of people within that area. We service, repair and install Air Conditioning units in London and Home Counties.


Air Conditioning Leak Detection

Installing air conditioning

We install air conditioning united in domestic and commercial properties. Our engineers understand that choosing the right air conditioning system is important. We install various systems such as ducted air conditioning, ceiling mounted cassette units and wall mounted air conditioning units. Our Air Conditioning specialists have experience installing a variety of brands, they will recommend the sleekest, energy efficient and eco-friendly system during the free estimate.

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Servicing air conditioning

Servicing your Air Conditioning regularly should be considered a high priority, as it will help prolong the life of your current Air Conditioning system and will reduce your energy bills. During your service our accredited engineers will do a routine service on your AC system. They will ensure that all Coils are thoroughly cleaned inside and outside as this will help increase the efficiency of your AC unit. Refrigerant levels will be checked and they will ensure that no energy is lost from your air conditioning system. The blower motor will be fully evaluated and they will inspect all electrical connections and ensure it is tightened. We recommend you to service your Air Conditioning unit, once a year. At VHL we have a skilled and committed team of engineers which can provide you with regular servicing and maintenance of your unit whether it is in domestic or commercial. To speak about servicing your Air Conditioning unit call our customer service team and they will be happy to answer your questions.

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