A Rated Boilers, available from VHL

Vaillant ecoTec energy efficient boiler range

As part of the boiler industry’s continuing efforts to increase the efficiency of their boilers, more and more innovations are being introduced into the market, and Vaillant’s A boiler range is one of those innovations.

The all-new ecoTEC boiler range is designed to provide unprecedented and unparalleled efficiency to consumers, thanks to the advent of ‘green iQ’ technology involved in the systems. These boilers are internet-enabled and controllable by smartphone, and their optimised efficiency means that their running costs are the lowest around.

As well as their excellent performance, they are manufactured sustainably, using the highest quality, environmentally-friendly materials to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum efficiency and build quality.


The ecoTEC range boasts two large output, high performance hot water combination boilers (35kW and 43kW), and a single system boiler (27kW). The large output boilers have Extra-condense technology, which incorporates an integral diverter valve for improved hot water efficiency. Pre-heating the incoming mains water from the hot flue gases, efficiency is increased by up to 8% when in DHW production mode. The flue gases can be 30 degrees celsius lower as a result, minimising energy bills for homeowners.

Gas sensor

Vaillant ecoTec boiler diagram

The ecoTEC range’s new gas sensor bring a number of benefits to owners of the boilers. It is able to identify all gas types and qualities, and adapt itself accordingly, including biogas, so it is futureproof and ready to adapt to advancements in that market.

Its high modulation means it can accurately adapt to both high and low outputs, meaning that the Green iQ 35kW combi boiler can output just 3.4kW if only heat is required from one radiator. This saves energy and money for the homeowner.

Green iQ

Environmental leafThis feature is turned on as standard with all appliances in the range. The purpose of Green iQ is to ensure that the boiler runs as efficiently as possible; this includes using optimum condensing range, starting every heat cycle in the lowest possible modulation and optimising the running cycles. This, in turn, lowers gas consumption and ensures maximum savings for the owner of the boiler.


Training for installers is undertaken at Vaillant Centres of Excellence, and all fitters attend in order to refine their knowledge. This allows for the new appliances to be installed so to achieve optimum performance and efficiency.



VHL are proud to be a supplier of Vaillant A boilers, and our expert team are able to install, maintain and repair them in the most efficient manner.

If you would like to know more about the range, please get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help.

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