25 Point Boiler Service – What’s Involved

Getting your boiler serviced is something that every homeowner should ensure happens regularly. Boiler servicing reduces the risk of your system breaking down or developing a fault, thus saving you time, money and the inconvenience of being in a house with a broken boiler.

A boiler service should only be done by a registered, accredited professional, and it involves a number of checks that are carried out to ensure that your boiler is working at optimum efficiency and safety.

Watch what’s involved

A routine boiler service will normally last for around 30 minutes, providing the technician doesn’t discover any faults or issues with your system. For older boilers, or ones that have suffered issues before, the service may take a little longer. This is enough time for the engineer to check your system thoroughly to ensure every element is working as it should.

What’s Covered?

Boiler servicing flow chart

As part of a boiler service, we’ll check:

  • The boiler has safe & compliant emission levels
  • The burners are fully functional
  • The controls are inspected and possibly lubricated (if necessary)
  • Seals and joints will be examined to ensure they are in-tact & bonded
  • The condition of the ignition & flame supervision components will be inspected

Boiler repairs include the technician checking the flue to ensure that your boiler’s emissions are normal and safe, and checking the burners to see that they are working properly. The controls will be inspected, and they will be lubricated if necessary to assist with ease of use. Ignitions and flame supervision components are inspected to check they are fully functioning, and all seals and joints are also checked over. It is highly recommended that you book your boiler in for a service regularly, with once a year being the usual frequency.

Winter boiler service

Annual Boiler Services

Although it may seem expensive, paying out once a year for a boiler service that may only take 30 minutes is much less hassle than having to pay hundreds of pounds for repairs when your boiler unexpectedly breaks down. You may find that a service in the winter may cost a little more as that is a more common time of year for boiler faults. The cost of a service varies between companies, but there is no doubt that it is a much smaller expense than replacement or repair.

Fully Qualified Engineers

Here at Village Heating we offer first-class boiler servicing for both domestic and commercial customers. Our expert engineers are fully qualified and accredited in the repair and maintenance of boilers of all makes, models and ages, and our meticulous servicing involves a full cleaning of the system to remove any blockages.

VHL boiler serviceWhether your boiler has developed a fault, completely broken down or just needs a service, we are the people to call. Whatever your needs are, we promise to beat any quote from any national gas company, and our friendly, dedicated engineers can be with you promptly, thanks to our same day call out service. If you would to know more about our boiler services or any of the other work we do, get in touch with us today!


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